Hdoudi ‘Sama – The Album That Crowned Carole Samaha The Best of 2010

Exactly a year ago, during this period, Hdoudi L Sama – Carole Samaha’s exceptional album- was released all over the Arab World. As Carole’s fans, we had enormous expectations from this breathtaking superstar. We were anticipating a mega bomb – something that will change the musical industry as it is. We were also very certain, just like Carole Samaha herself, that 2010 is going to be her year. And it definitely was.

Ever since she started, it was obvious she was like no one else. It was very evident that she had her own special vibe – something that will always differentiate her from the rest. Hdoudi L Sama proved exactly that – it proved of what a remarkable person she is. Every track in that album had its own special taste. They were all like different brands of the most prestigious chocolates – extremely rich that you couldn’t get enough of any of them. You would repeat the same song over and over again, and you would never feel like you want to pause.

All artists out there have an identity, a character buried deep in their songs that makes you expect their next move. This identity helps you predict what they’re newest tracks are going to be. With Carole, this seems impossible. You can never know what it is that she’s keeping in store for you. And that’s the case particularly in that album…

It starts off with Ragaalak – this song that combines Carole’s oriental voice with an amazing modern arrangement. And then it moves on so subtly to Hdoudi L Sama, written and composed by the one and only Marwan Khoury. There are so many emotions in that song that you can never keep track of any of them – it arises a certain feeling of rebelliousness within your heart as it serenades it with the Spanish Tango. Ma Bkhaf comes next. This song is Carole’s way of telling everyone not to be too shocked when she presents the very best; it tells them to move their violating whispers away from her. But this track also has a special significance – don’t hate on other people because they’re different; appreciate them for it. And then arrives the BEST song of 2010 – Khalik Bhalak. Khalik Bhalak portrays all the contradictory feelings a woman has when she’s trying to move, and that’s what made this song so popular. Marwan Khoury and Carole Samaha have done it again, they have proved what an extremely outstanding musical couple they are. In A’oul Ansak, Carole resides back to her romantic side – to this amazingly sensitive side of hers making it another great song on the album.”Parararara para pararara parara..” – the most beautiful sentence in the whole album. Awel Ma Abeltak is not only a great romantic song, filled with a lot of love and emotions, it’s also a song that exhilarates Carole Samaha’s talent to the maximum in those operatic seconds within the track. Majnouni succeeds. There are no words that can be adequate to this song except that it shows what a “Majnouni” Carole Samaha really is! In a humorous mood, Ali, presents the less than perfect economical and social status we’re all suffering from. As great the criticisms were, Ali was and will always be one of the amazing tracks Carole has ever released. And who can forget Zebahni? People were so consumed with comparing Carole to Ahlam in this song that they overlooked the exquisiteness of this song. It’s one of those tracks that make you move helplessly. You can’t control the effect this song has on you – or the effect this album has on you.

In 2010, Carole accomplished only a part of her very long path, and seeing her do so was amazing! 2011 will be even more prosperous when Carole portrays the legendary Sabbouha in a biopic called, “Shahroura”.. It’s no wonder that Carole Samaha has earned the motto, “wal ati a3zam” – calling her a star is understatement!

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